ESPN 51th Annual Meeting

ESPN 2018

Inter-Professional Education in Pediatric CRRT Simulation


 Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) is frequently required to support the critically ill children. Healthcare professionals usually encounter some difficulties to deliver an effective and safe care to the children in PICU. The aim of this work was the assessment of the effectiveness and safety of multidisciplinary team work and determination of the problems of the pediatric CRRT collaborative practice through the inter-professional education (IPE) simulation sessions. 

Material and methods:

 Different pediatric CRRT simulation scenarios were conducted within a full day workshop as well as in-site in pediatric ICU in our center without prior notification to our candidates every few weeks. The candidates of those simulation sessions were pediatric nephrology physicians, intensivists, nurses, CRRT technicians and clinical pharmacists. The participants’ performance and the Inter-professional education (IPE) core competencies were assessed. Two forms were filled one by the participants after the sessions and the other by the facilitators from their direct observation of the team performance during the sessions. 


 We conducted three parallel simulation sessions during the workshop and two in-site simulation sessions. Two major themes were emerged from this study. First theme was the prolonged time taken to transmit the CRRT prescription from the protocol to the machine. Second theme was the good harmony among the different professionals to deliver the treatment.


 The author concluded that PCRRT simulation is an effective training method to enhance the quality of children care among the IPE. Team members involved in the simulation became more confident and comfortable to deliver the CRRT.